Your business on Google Maps.

How can adding 3D virtual tours to Google My Business benefit you?

We are going to show you how a virtual tour can boost more revenue and make your business stand out in Google search results

3D Virtual Tours are essential to your GMB listing.

They’re not only important, but they’re also essential to your GMB success.

Have you wondered how is your business exposed out there when people search for you on Google?

It is important before you continue reading that you have a Google My Business account. If you don’t then start creating one here.  Follow the directions and once your business has been verified then your business will show up on Google Maps

If you already have it but you never published a 360 photo of your business then this is what you are missing out on and what you can do about it.

Google AI is very smart, I can just imagine behind the scenes, and picture a bunch of nerdy engineers, constantly making thousands of adjustments.

As a search engine, Google’s main purpose or objective is to find answers to their consumer’s questions or concerns.

How many times do you go search on Google for a question or concern daily?

Some Statistics say 3.5 billion searches in 2019

courtesy of Oberlo.

How do 3D virtual tours work on ranking your organic search?

According to Google, 6 out of 10 people look for a virtual tour in their search today.

Google is improving its algorithm, it is shifting towards AI concepts, so it monitors our search results and in return gives us the search content that an individual user is likely to see

Consumers rely on Google Maps and other map websites 44% of the time when beginning their search for a business.

This is why it is so important to have your business listed in Maps, it enables your business to be located by customers who do a search that relates to your business’ name or the services you offer. As a result, your location will be mapped for easy access to your establishment

Google virtual tours influence how strong that listing is and how often it appears in organic searches on Google and Maps.

As a result, Map listings that have a Google virtual tour have a 12% increase in engagement.

According to Google, 6 out of 10 people look for a virtual tour in their search today, so this turns into more customers finding you, and coming to you, which turns into more profit for you. That’s right, just from adding 360 photos or 3D virtual tours.

Now that you are aware of this, Let’s give people what they want! 

3D virtual tours benefits the Maps Search
This is a real example of what a business looks like in real life. See the little box with the arrow, that means people can access the establishment and experience it as if they were there!

Virtual tour stats tell us that 360 photos on your Google listing double the interest in your company and therefore produce higher engagement rates. That means you can expect a higher chance of appearing in the Local Pack with a Google virtual tour

A Google virtual tour makes a major impact on your company’s presence online. Without one, you risk falling below the Local Pack or having competitors outrank you in the results. This is where 87% of small businesses fail to know.

3D virtual tours will showcase your business and will also do more to improve your reputation.

Now, remember that GMB is an open forum.
Anyone can upload a photo or 360 photos of your business directly to your listing.
including bad photographs, but Google does this to make sure that whoever is viewing your page gets the real impression of your business. This can have its downside, if customers upload unflattering photos or if someone uploads a photo completely unrelated to your business.

The issue is that sometimes users upload simply BAD photos; they are either blurry, out of focus, too dark, and just don’t represent your company in the best light.

If you’re not sure of a photo, think to yourself: “Would I be willing to use this photo in an advertisement?”

You should only be adding photos that you are proud of and that will positively showcase your business. With the help of itourvista 3d professional Matterport pro 2 camera, they can create your own Google virtual tour and upload it to your listing.

Google ranks the best quality images first, which means your content will push any low-quality photos to the bottom of your listing

If you are willing to put the time and effort into optimizing your photos on your Google My Business page; Google will reward you with improved search results and hopefully add you to the highly coveted “Top 3 of their organic page.”

How to Add a 3D Virtual Tour to Google My Business

Adding a 3D tour to your Google My Business can only be done with  Google Trusted Photographer.  When the Trusted Photographer comes to your location and uses a 360 camera to photograph it from multiple points, then they connect the points using third-party software like Matterport. Once it’s done, then the tour is uploaded to Google Maps.

Google may provide trusted photographers and agencies with contact information for a business if the business has requested a professional photoshoot.

While Google does not employ photographers or agencies, they allow contributors to gain the trusted badge. The badge highlights photographers and agencies who have met quality standards across, evidencing their capture and publishing proficiency

Go to to find a Trusted Photographer in your area

Offer customers a BETTER EXPERIENCE of what the restaurant looks like inside. No blurry pictures! only 360 walkthrough 4k images.

Geotag all your Google Photos.

This is essential for Google My Business since your entire listing is based on your location and Google Maps.

You should be geotagging all of your photos, which adds a location to your image using exact coordinates.

This will directly link your photo to your business location, which strengthens your SERP position immensely.

Once a 3D Virtual tour is added to your Google My Business,  you should be adding new photos every 7 days.

Yes, this is time-consuming, but it is crucial if you want to stay ahead. You don’t have to upload dozens of photos daily but uploading 1 or 2 a week is the best way to do this. Keep updating your business

If you feel adding a 3D virtual tour to your Google My Business will benefit you. Consider hiring a professional photography company like itourvista 3D to shoot, build and upload your next Google virtual tour. If you are a Restaurant or Retail Business 3D Virtual tours are great to share on social media as well.

We are also Google my Business experts so getting your business visible and found on Maps is only the first step, so you can be found, and bring customers in. If you do not already have a Google listing or Google My Business account or are simply not sure where to start, we can help.


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