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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Virtual Tour

 Restaurant 3D Virtual Tour

restaurant virtual tour

You must stand out to be the top choice when customers have so many choices. The abundance of options also prompts people to learn as much as possible about the restaurant before stepping inside. Depending on how your restaurant operates, this can be a good or bad thing. More and more visitors spend significant time researching and planning where they would go. Of course, the food is essential, but with delivery becoming so popular, you need to offer something more to entice people to visit your restaurant. You might wonder about the best way to get people’s attention. Virtual tours are the solution. You will be able to establish your restaurant as THE place to visit by using virtual tours. Therefore, we will discuss in more detail why your restaurant needs a virtual tour.

restaurant virtual tour

What Exactly Is a restaurant virtual tour?

The concept of virtual tours has been around for quite some time. However, there has never been adequate technology to support it. Initially, virtual tours were simply a collection of photos or videos that walked you through the property. As you might expect, that is not a particularly interesting showcase. But, now have the technology to create authentic virtual 3D tours that can demonstrate a much more detailed and immersive showcase than ever before.

Viewers can zoom in, look at rooms from all angles, and inspect every corner of the room using the technology on display. Therefore, this is a fantastic tool for any business that wants to create a great first impression even before the first visit. Now that we’ve discussed what virtual tours are let’s look at the advantages they can provide for your restaurant.

1. You Can Make a Better Showcase with restaurant virtual tour

Every restaurant owner should be proud of how their restaurant looks. This is because, as we’ve mentioned earlier, people don’t go to restaurants for food exclusively anymore.

The atmosphere, look, and feel of restaurants are also crucial.

Most restaurant owners are starting to focus on the appearance of their restaurant much more than in the past. However, all that effort will not pay off if there is no one to see it. That is why something like a restaurant 3D virtual tour can help. Tours like this will enable restaurant owners to show how beautiful and inviting their restaurants are.

A crowded restaurant.

A virtual tour of your restaurant will allow you to highlight the best features of your establishment, bringing in more customers.


If you are also proud of your restaurant, nothing should stop you from developing a high-quality 3D virtual tour. With help from professionals, you can create the whole tour in less than a day. That is if your restaurant is well organized and clean. If it’s not, you can rent out a self-storage unit. Restaurant businesses accumulate a lot of stuff, not all of which is necessary all the time. Renting a storage unit will help you keep it organized throughout the filming and later.

2. Increase Website Traffic

Another advantage of 3D virtual tours is that they are created with cutting-edge technology. This technology has the potential to drive massive traffic to your website. People will visit your website solely to view your virtual tour. Matterport people are developing whole experiences that rely exclusively on this technology. However, as more and more business owners adopt this technology, it will become less impressive. When 3D virtual tours become the norm, they will no longer drive as much traffic to websites. As a result, if you want to take advantage of this benefit, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

restaurant virtual tour

3. A restaurant 3D virtual tour Will Increase Your Visibility on Google

Google presents thumbnails when people search for your business in a two-to-one aspect ratio. Pictures that are 360 degrees are therefore much more appealing for Google searches. For this reason, when people search for your restaurant or restaurants near you, they will always see you on Google. And the good news from Google doesn’t end there. If your map listing includes a Google virtual tour, you might see a 12 percent boost in interaction. Furthermore, Google statistics show that companies using Google virtual tours have a 16 percent better probability of showing in Google Search or Google Maps.

4. Virtual Tours Will Assist You in Attracting Millennials

As we’ve said earlier, these days, people are much more inclined to go to a restaurant if they know what it’s like ahead of time. According to a Google poll from last year, millennials and Gen-Zers are around twice as likely to go to a restaurant if it has some virtual tour. This means that younger generations are much more likely to engage with this form than the older generation. However, this also means that you can use virtual tours as a form of marketing. When it comes to marketing, social media is generally the first port of call. Social media is also the place where you can advertise your 3D virtual tour.

Three Millenials are sitting at a table in the restaurant.

Millennials are more likely to visit restaurants that have virtual tours.

5. It Is Cheap

We could understand reservations about creating virtual tours if they were expensive, but they are not.

Virtual tours can make your restaurant business explode in popularity, bring your website more traffic, and with that, more profit. You don’t even need to hire professionals to do it. You may construct your own virtual tour. Many resources can teach you how to make a good virtual tour. However, if you have people who know what they are doing to help you, you can go through the whole process much more quickly. Not only that, but you will also be able to create a much higher-quality tour.

restaurant virtual tour


As you can see, there are many reasons your restaurant needs a virtual tour. You can also see numerous approaches to creating a virtual tour. As previously stated, if you want to take advantage of this technology, you must do so before it becomes the norm, or you will miss most of its benefits.


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