Add a 3D tour of Matterport restaurant in Google Maps.

6 reasons why you should add a 3D Virtual Tour of your Restaurant in Google.

This is how Google Maps Can Improve the Performance of Your Restaurant when you add a 3D tour. When you create a virtual tour of your restaurants and uploads to Google Maps, which is good info points that provide more information about your location.  Also the services that you offer to all Google Maps users. Remember, Google is the search engine where you will most likely be found.

Oh and just for you to know,

85% of the users would like to view a virtual tour of the restaurant.

1. A 3D tour will help you be found on the organic Google Map search results.

That’s another great opportunity for you. If you  create a Google restaurant virtual tour, you will have a big impact on your place on the list of Google search results. When your potential clients or guests looking for your restaurant by name on Google, they will see pictures of the restaurant displayed on the search results page.

2. A 3D tour will impact your Website Traffic on Google.

You own a restaurant website, but when you search for the restaurant and the location on Google, your website does not appear on the first two pages of results. Have you worked on optimizing your restaurant’s website? Let Google  Map take care of it!

There is also the possibility that the restaurant can create a story and insert a background music or entertainment.

Visual content in the search results on Google and Google Maps are very important. Automatically the attention of the person who is looking for restaurant for lunch or dinner has been attracted, which allows a greater number of hits to your restaurant’s website. This will result with higher attendance and better ranking on search engines. In addition, more website visitors means more business.

Click on the picture to see this Restaurant in 3D

3. Upload photos of your restaurant in Google Maps and Google Street View

If a potential client or visitor searches for your restaurant by name on Google, photos of the restaurant will appear on the page of search results.

Furthermore, these panoramic images will be posted on the Local Google+ pages, Google Maps, and other Google services, giving customers a better idea of what awaits them in your restaurant, including the design, staff, and atmosphere you provide.

Click on the picture to see this Restaurant in 3D

4. Add videos in your 3D virtual tours and promote your restaurant!

Another thing that is very important when optimizing websites for better ratings at search engines is the time that visitors stay on your website.

5. 3D tours make it easy to navigate your restaurant on Google Maps.  

Floor plan navigation clearly shows to visitor the different camera points and allows jumping across the entire location.

Virtual tours of your restaurant will undoubtedly extend this time, making sure that you reach the top of Google’s list of search results.  Wouldn’t that be another reason for Google Photos 3D Virtual Tour?

6. 3D tours restaurants are compatible with all devices.

Indeed, these tours can be compatible with all versions for the iPad, iPhone Android and other mobile devices.

Estefan Kitchen Dollhouse View, courtesy of

If you didn’t know, 80% of the time, information gained from the Internet are to make restaurant decisions.

48 % of them prefer to review restaurants using a virtual 360-degree panoramic view.

35% prefer photos.

17% prefer videos. 

85% of the users would like to view a virtual tour of the restaurant. will help you achieve your marketing strategy.

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