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What Are the Marketing Benefits of Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours are a terrific method to attract more potential customers to your business. That is true whether you are a hotel owner wishing to give prospective guests a sneak peek of your establishment or a real estate agent seeking to provide virtual tours of available properties. Marketing your establishment with virtual tours is a great way to grow your list of clients. If you try Virtual tours, you may also boost conversion rates for your company. However, implementing virtual tours in your business model may be challenging. That is the main reason so many people are reluctant to give this technique a try. For this reason, we have decided to explore the marketing benefits of virtual tours.

1. They Can Save Time for Your Client

When you want to sell a home but don’t have the time to arrange an open house, virtual tours can bring you some benefits. Even if you have open houses regularly, making a virtual tour of the property you want to sell can help you get more eyes on it. Furthermore, if you own a hotel, a virtual tour can help you save time and money. Take the case of a corporation whose employees are interested in attending a conference in your region. If you have a virtual tour of your hotel, they won’t have to travel and see it in person. Instead, they can view images of the hotel and its surroundings to determine whether it’s a good fit for them.

2. They Instill an Immediate Sense of Ownership

When looking to buy property, clients need to feel like they have some control over the process. If your clients feel like they are making the decision themselves, it’s easier to persuade them. That is why virtual tours are unique. They allow your clients to explore the property on their own time and at their own pace. By including virtual tours and various other interactive features in your listings, you can strengthen the feeling of ownership in your clients.

The more options you give your clients, and the easier you make it for them to do things independently, the stronger this effect will be. Furthermore, these days, people don’t like to interact with one another as they did in the past. Most people will try to do as much research as possible on their own before reaching out to you. You must include a virtual tour in your real estate marketing efforts. We urge you to give this strategy a shot if you haven’t already.

3. They Are Customizable

If you can’t bring potential tenants to your homes in person, a virtual tour on your website is the next best thing. However, virtual tours have some benefits over open houses. The most significant benefit is the ability to use home staging ideas to customize what each client sees and make it look great based on their profile. If you sell your home online, each prospective buyer will get a unique experience and a more accurate portrayal of your property.

Two people using a laptop for a virtual tour.

You can design different virtual tours for various types of clients.

4. They’re a Step up From the Competition in the Marketplace

The truth is that very few real estate agents, hotel owners, or even restaurant owners use virtual tours to brand themselves. That means that if you use this type of marketing, you will stand out from the majority, if not all, of your competitors. To determine in what way you’ll have an advantage over your competitors, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many of your rivals can claim to provide a similar, fully immersive virtual experience?
  • How many effectively use virtual tours to persuade and interest your readers?
  • Do they merely emphasize their physical space, or do they also highlight what makes them unique?
  • Do they use the digital map and tour to convey a narrative about the company?

You will unlikely have positive answers to all of these questions about every potential rival. That, in turn, gives you an edge over your competitors. You’ll be doing that by making a virtual tour highlighting your brand in a new, visually appealing manner.

5. Virtual Tours Are Incredibly Flexible

While virtual tours are a time-consuming and costly marketing alternative, they make up for their versatility. You can use your virtual tour as a standalone marketing tactic, email campaigns, or announcements about upcoming open houses.  Furthermore, virtual tours are far more effective in attracting visitors and generating leads than plain text and static photos. Consider integrating virtual tours into your digital marketing strategy to take advantage of this cutting-edge tool.

An outdoor hotel pool.

In addition to helping real estate agents, virtual tours can promote hotels.

6. They Can Boost In-person Visits

While you may think virtual tours cannibalize in-person open house visits, the opposite is true. In fact. The main reason is that virtual tours give your clients a feel for what it would be like to be there. Therefore, your clients will want to take the next step and visit the property in person. Virtual tours can help convince clients who are on the fence about visiting your property. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have virtual tours even if you prefer in-person visits.

7. Virtual Tours Will Be the Norm Soon

When discussing the marketing benefits of virtual tours, we have to mention the fact soon. Virtual tours will be everywhere. Understandably, not everyone is on board with this technology just yet. However, if you want to demonstrate to your clients that you are on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising trends, you must incorporate virtual tours into your business model. This way, you will serve as a trailblazer for the entire industry.

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