Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

The Impact of Virtual 3D Tours on Real Estate

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

Real estate marketing is always prone to change. The ever-changing situation in the economy always has an impact on real estate trends. And new technological advancements influence new practices in both home design and home selling. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that virtual tours have impacted real estate as a whole. And seeing that most people aren’t aware of its scope, we will use this article to explain the impact of virtual tours on real estate more closely.

The overall impact of virtual tours on real estate

For those new to real estate, we will first give a quick rundown of virtual tours. If you are familiar with the concept, feel free to skip the following article. If not, you might be surprised at how “futuristic” house-hunting has become.

What are virtual tours?

Simply put, a virtual tour is a 3D representation of a home. A real estate agent can use specific cameras to take 3D photos. Combining those photos can give a 3D presentation of each room. Potential buyers can then view the room as if standing in it. It can even let the viewer move from room to room with a few tweaks. Therefore, the potential buyer simply gets a complete virtual home tour by visiting a website.

You’d be surprised at how easy it can be to create a basic virtual tour.

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

Matterport pro 2 Camera

Increase in sales numbers with 3D Virtual Tour House

So, what’s the impact of virtual tours on real estate? A couple of 3D photos sure can’t make that much of a difference, right? Well, you’d be surprised. The first one is that real estate companies will see an apparent increase in sales numbers if they add virtual tours to their listing. Regardless of whether you are selling commercial or residential real estate. Or who you are selling to.

Virtual 3D Tours, another factor in purchasing decision

An important reason why Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate increases sales is that buyers have slowly grown to expect them. It takes a short time for brand-new technology to become the norm. Virtual tours are no expectation. In the beginning, they were an exciting novelty. But, today, customers expect that listings will have a virtual tour. For many of them, a virtual tour will be an important factor in purchasing decisions. And for an increasing number, it will be an outright dealbreaker.

Online buyers might not give your listing a second look if it doesn’t contain a Virtual 3D Tour.

A online buyer using a laptop to look for real estate, showing the impact of virtual tours on real estate.

The increase in the online purchase

Another impact that virtual tours have had on real estate is that they gave people the nobility to experience homes online. This has had the effect that people have grown comfortable purchasing homes online. Before, an online description of a listing was merely words and a couple of pictures. As you can imagine, this only gives a partial idea of what the home is really like. But, with virtual tours, you feel like you are standing there. As such, people can get a far better idea of what the home is like. For some, the virtual tour, combined with a personal account from a trusted realtor, is they need to make a purchase. This is why there was such a notable increase in online purchases due to virtual tours.

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

Dollhouse View

Virtual 3D Tours  for Out-of-state homeownership

The fact that you can buy homes online means that you don’t even have to visit the state they are in. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that out-of-state homeownership is also increasing due to virtual tours. The fact that you can leisurely check out a home and then easily team up with pros to relocate your items means that buying a retirement home is easier than ever. By doing online research, you can get in-depth knowledge of what living in your new neighborhood will be like. And if you combine that knowledge with the visuals from your Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate, you will practically feel that you already know the place.

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

Higher ranking in Google with Virtual 3D Tours

An aspect of virtual tours that often field under the radar is that they are quite useful in GMB and SEO management. Namely, search engines tend to prefer virtual tours over images. As such, you’ll be better off investing in virtual tours than trying to get high-quality photographs of potential listings. As time went on, real estate companies became aware of this fact. Therefore, it became more and more apparent that even when it comes to online marketing, virtual tours have a specific use.

A lesser-known impact of virtual tours on real estate is that they are another tool for SEO management.

Virtual 3D Tours Real Estate Real

Improved retention rates

Speaking of online marketing, we should mention that virtual tours do wonders for website retention rates. Namely, if you have a virtual tour on your listing, the viewer will likely spend 5-10 times more time on your listing than they would otherwise. As you can imagine, this is beneficial in multiple ways. The longer they view your listing, the more likely they will engage with it. And even if they don’t, they will spend enough time observing your branding that, for them, your company will become synonymous with home purchasing.

Another Benefit of 3D virtual tours for Real Estate is: Great  ROI

For all the reasons we’ve listed, investing in virtual tours is quite beneficial. By all financial standards, virtual tours have tremendous ROI as they bring in new customers and keep them engaged with your listings.

Final thoughts

After we’ve outlined the impact of virtual tours on real estate, you might be under the impression that it is something that real estate agencies should invest in. Well, that is a good impression to have. In our view, virtual tours will soon become the norm. And the sooner companies learn how to create compelling virtual tours, the better.




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