How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce work on your retail business.

How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce can help your retail business.

Small Businesses are wondering, how can they get more people inside their stores?

Some think Marketing is good, but where and with who, or how it is effective?   Who’s got time to do research when you have a business to run, right?

All those could have, should, and would have stopped the moment you do something.

COVID-19 undoubtedly hit the world economy; however, e-commerce has been the best tool for many companies amid the crisis.

That is take control of your business, move along with times, get on with technology, and put your store online where you can make money while you sleep.

Our goal is to help you take control of your business and this is how you can do it.

All you have to do is add a 3D Virtual Tour to your business and turn it into an e-commerce site.

How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce can help your retail business.

Take a digital approach to your business. This way you are facilitating your audience to purchase your goods even though they are unable to visit your store in person.  There is no limit to your audience and people can purchase from anywhere in the world.  Once you have this, you create a great opportunity to reach a broader audience and use it to benefit from your other social media platforms as well.

What is e-Commerce?

In simple words, it is all purchases and sales made via the Internet. All transactions, from ordering to delivery of money, are carried out by electronic means.

Technology and the digital economy have become the relief of many companies.   Through e-commerce and 3D virtual tours, companies can continue to provide their products to the market. It can also reduce the negative impact in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing today.

What else do you need to start?

A Website, a Hosting platform an e-Commerce Account, and a 3D Virtual Tour Company to do it.

3D virtual tours with e-commerce will attract a broader audience.

Unlike other commercial websites, a 3D tour is more personal and interactive.  At a simple level, creating a Virtual Tour is a perfect way to direct people to your store so they can get a feel for the goods you sell in a safer and more inviting atmosphere. The immersive experience of a 3D tour is like walking into the store.

We made this little video so you can see what your business could look like! Courtesy of Matterport and Ferguson.

How can e-commerce and 3D Virtual Tours help you?

It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this statement does not lack an iota of reason. We could even go further and say that a virtual tour is worth more than a thousand images. Therefore, if you allow people to see inside your business, you will gain a lot of trust from your potential customers. Thanks to a virtual tour, they will have the feeling that they have already been to your premises and that you have already come a long way.

In general, people who choose this alternative are more likely to visit your physical business, compared to other competitors who do not have it.  In addition, there is a high degree that they can develop a preference for your physical business. Products and facilities, simply by being familiar with them.

A virtual tour improves the visibility of your business and encourages your customers to find you more easily on the Internet. Undoubtedly, a very innovative product that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition. The best is you can view it through any device, such as computers, tablets, or smartphones.

How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce can help your retail business.

Online Store Pop-ups are great for e-Commerce Virtual Tour

Why is e-commerce so popular now?

One of the key factors was a significant decline in population mobility due to preventive isolation policies in many countries.

This strategy led to e-commerce reaching a greater momentum industry which grew at rates of 150%.

Experts say the obligatory growth of e-commerce will be critical for companies to start researching new large-scale business models. This means, not only with a digital approach (as this allows them greater visibility in the global marketplace) but also because e-commerce offers options for businesses to reinvent themselves.

 What is selling hot in the Marketplace?

The statistic shows that clothing and footwear are the products most bought online in the country, followed by consumer electronics and entertainment, such as games, movies, music, and books.

How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce can help your retail business.

E-Commerce and 3D Virtual Tours perfect combination

E-commerce’s key benefits;

The benefits of having this service are many and varied.  When you add a 3D virtual tour, it is an investment that you will only have to make once, (except for the need for updates) but it will bring you great benefits.


3D tours and e-commerce will Boost Traffic

Purchases are possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is proven that virtual visits considerably increase the number of visitors and unique users accessing your website.

How a 3D Tour and e-Commerce can help your retail business.

Advertise and sell on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Google Shopping, Shopzilla

Incorporating e-commerce in a 3D virtual tour provides Minimal Transaction and Overhead costs.

Not only is a Virtual Tour an opportunity for people to experience your products in a more natural setting, but it can also enhance the storytelling behind the products by incorporating images, audio, video, and text to tell a much richer story.



Virtual Tour Ecommerce · Add stores to social networks.

Expansion and growth of the market.

They increase the chances of making a sale because customers appreciate what they see before making the final decision and getting to the exact spot where your business is located. If you can win them ‘through the eyes and clear the way for them before the final decision is made, you will have many points in your favor.

3D tours provide and improve the customer experience.

They generate more trust in your customers since you present your business space without any additional visual type. Your future buyers and existing ones will greatly appreciate this proximity across the network, without what they see, being retouched as sometimes happens with traditional photography.

They reduce fear of the unknown.

Allow users to move confidently and safely, from their homes or their mobile devices. They can access all corners of your business. This may generate questions and doubts, but you can resolve them by including points of interest with valuable information about your business.

The sky’s the limit. What are your Limits now?

Check out some samples of great 3D virtual tours with e-commerce and give us a call. We can help you succeed in your new approach!

Ferguson Showroom in Los Angeles 

Arquideco in Mexico 

Rockford in Chile 

Ready for a 3D Virtual Tour? Let’s do it!

We can help you get all set today. Contact Us to get A Matterport 3D tour Of your Retail Establishment. Let’s add tags that can show details about the product and even provide a link to your e-commerce store.

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