itourvista3D Tours Benefits for Architecture & Construction.

The Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours in the Architecture and Construction Industry

 9 great Benefits of Matterport Tours for Architecture.

  1. Create 3D tours and instantly and virtually take anyone to a site or location
  2. Generate OBJ files and point clouds of custom objects and construction documentation
  3. Replace thousands of photos by capturing images and data at once, and save time by eliminating the need to document, select, and tag photos.
  4. Eliminate registration marks or manual alignment.
  5. Get floor plan ceiling images and schematic floor plans.
  6. Capture gaps with 1% accuracy.
  7. Perform inspections, take measurements outside the workspace and reduce visits by capturing all data in one go.
  8. Communicate key steps quickly and efficiently by eliminating travel times and sharing and scoring on the model for approvals.
  9. Get scans registered and automatically joined on a textured mesh in a matter of hours.

 The primary advantage is that it reduces on-site visits.

The increased precision and level of detail provided by virtual models is a significant benefit. Not only, is the presence of only the primary construction staff always required on a construction site. Supervisors and managers are also need to keep a close eye on the project. In addition, 3D tours are beneficial to other key team members, such as architects, designers, and even shareholders or company representatives. The best course of action is to avoid problems from arising in the first place.

Matterport tours Help keep the cost down in Architecture & Construction

A 3D virtual tour, above all, provides a construction worker or manager with a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

This also allows a reduction for money spent on unnecessary supplies. Because the exact quantities and reuse feasibility can be determined ahead of time, far fewer foreign materials are ordered.

As a result, reduction in waste and profits increase. 

Improving the customer experience is necessary.  Especially for Building owners and shareholders! They no longer have to rely on diagrams and drawings to envision the finished product.

What could be a better deal for your customer than a guided tour of your new building prior to the start of construction?

First, this gives them a better understanding of the project and the ability to communicate precisely what they want before work begins.  At this time, the contractor is capable of managing and meeting the client’s requirements. As a result, 3D tours can reduce the number of changes that need to be made in the middle of a project.

In addition, collaboration is better because changes, notes, and questions reflects in real time for everyone working on the project.

This means that multiple team members can work on a 3D model at the same time. This helps to streamline communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page!

A 3D Virtual Tour is improving accessibility and quality control.

 3D tours allow you to document information and create point clouds and OBJs.

Moreover, Matterport allows to Import into any CAD software to create precise measurements. Create immersive, realistic Mattertags postings by anchoring descriptions to specific physical locations and communicating with key stakeholders!


Integrating our virtual tours into your BIM process can help reduce construction and virtual design outages and win more proposals. You can take measurements in hard-to-reach areas such as pipes, trusses, and ceiling joists. Also you can Integrate your point cloud into your BIM model for verification!

Matterport 3D Architecture

Matterport 3D Tours are Easy to use!!

You can access our tours via web, AR, VR, Projection and Social Media. Boost your revenue and increase customer engagement. Partners with Matterport, itourvista3D can help create a space full potential, creating 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, point clouds and videos all in one scan.

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