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Dollhouse view, 3D walkthroughs, 4K print-quality photography, video, Mattertags and other tools. 3D tours are easy to share, copy and paste the links to publish  easily on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and YouTube. We also Publish to Google Street View

Explore Estefan Kitchen in 3D.

Matterport Restaurant 3D Project Features

Our interactive 3D model is an entertaining way for your client to get to know your restaurant and start imagining their experience there.

We love to showcase all the restaurants in Florida, but when you have the opportunity to do it for someone famous, it was a great shot for a small business like itourvista 3D.  Gloria and Emilio Estefan own a restaurant at Sunset walk in MargaritaVille, Orlando.  Originally, we wanted to do this 3D virtual tour to enter a contest with Matterport called “Nominate my Space” and came very close to win the nomination; but since posting it in social media, users are sharing the tour over a hundred times.

Best Feature of the 3D Restaurant.

We find, the best-highlighted feature is the kitchen.  The place has a lot of potential all throughout the floor plan but having a kitchen so clean we had to display it. Another thing we liked is how the multicolor lights show on the floor plan as well. It gives the place a nice ambiance even in daylight.  Estefan Kitchen takes Covid 19 and social distance very seriously.  This is why it was very important for the GM to make sure the tour showed the setup of the tables according to the social distance implemented in Florida since the pandemic.  He told us, he wanted to show viewers all the precautions the restaurant has done in compliance with the law. The results were amazing.  When the GM saw the final product in his hand, said to us “Oh wow, I am holding the entire restaurant and look! There are even videos!”  He loved that we added YouTube videos of Gloria Estefan in the tour and access to all their social media links and said “This is a great tool for my marketing department” and indeed it has been.

All about the Details of the project

It didn’t take too long to scan, but lots of hours editing. It contains 320 scans all through the entire property, which is about 8,000sq.ft. Not including the patio in the 3D walkthrough. We added about 18 Mattertags with links to menus, video, store purchase, reservation pages and social media. The tour was also uploaded to Google Street View. According to the analytics of Google Maps, the tour is visited 40,000 times in only 2 months.

Explore Fitness Time in 3D.

 EASY-TO-SHARE FILES, with just a couple of clicks, share your virtual tour by e-mail, on your website or via social media

Miami Beach has an active lifestyle. This city in South Florida, hosts 90-degree weather almost 11 months out of the year.  Visiting the beach and wearing small apparel is a common thing to see with their residents there, so Gyms are a necessity to Miami.  With over hundreds of gyms to search for on your road to a healthy life, standing out of the competition is necessary for every Gym owner in Miami.

The owner of Fitness Time, located in Sunny Isles, told itourvista 3D how the local fitness landscape has significantly changed, since lockdown forced fitness centers to close and reopen under strict safety regulations. We both agreed that doing a 3D tour of the entire space would help existing and new members explore the safety regulations implemented. It is also an excellent way to deliver those shopping for a new Gym a free access to a 3D Virtual tour around the Gym.

The best highlighted feature of the Gym.

The incredible HD image of the equipment. Once the viewer is exploring the 3D tour of the gym, the quality of the pictures really enhances their state-of-the-art equipment and the viewer can really appreciate it.  That is probably the most important feature a gym must show their clients, “We have the best brand new equipment for your training needs”. Research shows that Gyms that provide this type of content such as 3D virtual tour receive more clicks than those who do not, and more clicks can bring more leads.  The owner told us that he has seen a dramatic increase of people joining their gym without even stepping a foot on it! Now that Marketing strategy works.

3D tour details of the project:

This space is about 10,000 sq. ft. and we captured the entire area in 290 scans.  It took about 3 hours to scan and about 3 hours of editing. Areas captured; spinning room, training zone, weight room, childcare, women’s and men’s locker room and boutique store. Camera used for this project was the Matterport Pro 2. The cost for this project was $1,500. At itourvista 3D virtual tours, we strive to help owners succeed with their business and we continue to help on more projects like these, with five completed in Miami and Orlando up to date.  Visit Fitness Time website and see the tour embed in their page. https://www.fitnesstimefl.com/virtual-tour/

The Fashion Lounge 3D Virtual Tour

Vacation Rental Project Features

Explore V&V Aesthetics in 3D.

Explore a Million Dollar Listing in 3D.

Luxury House (Miami, Florida)

This beautiful home (Already sold, but we keep it for sentimental value) was one of the most expensive pieces of property in our portfolio at the time back in 2017.  This tour opened our doors to find more realtors with Luxury Real Estate listings. Today itourvista 3D has a list of clients using our services like, Ritz Carlton Residency, Douglass Elliman, Keller Williams, La Rosa Realty just to name a few.  The realtor of this property told us, she wanted to captivate a select group of clients for her listing. She is a busy realtor in Miami and needed this house Open House and available 24/7.  That is exactly what our tours allow, potential buyer’s access to the house anytime of the day from anywhere in the world.  She later confessed to us, she had one of our demos from our tours, and when she showed it to the Seller; she promised she would do a 3D virtual tour if he listed the house with her. She got the deal and called us right of way.  Our mission was to make her look good so she could make us look good as well.

What is the best feature about this project?

Portfolio projects and features: OMG! the view of the property! Located on the intracoastal side in Miami Beach, the house has an overview of the Miami bay and high-rise landscape.  The project took off on a sunny day that help captivate, in clear sunlight, all the features of the house. It is crucial for a potential client buying Real Estate to appreciate visual impression in 360 degrees.  This eliminates most of the guesswork and provides a real life feeling of the house flow. The Analytics in this home showed the average user time navigating the tour was over 5 minutes, which meant people loved navigating the tour and took the time to explore the space.

Our tours are the only virtual tours that maintain exceptional image quality while allowing the user to move around anywhere in the tour.

The property coverage area is 5,000sq.ft. Therefore, it took our team to complete 190 scans, about 2 hours and 3 hours to edit.  The realtor received 35 great 4k photographs and uploaded the tour into her MLS account. The tour was accessible on every page listed on the internet.   She decided to do the SMART QR CODE that we placed right on the FOR SALE sign outside the house. People driving by around the property all they had to do was point the camera at the QR code and scan. Automatically they are sent directly to her professional profile info and with access to the 3D virtual tour right there and then! Needless to say, she sold this property in the 6 figures in less than 4 months and she told us, the buyer didn’t even step a foot inside when he bought it.

Our Portofolio, project and feature

Explore Gogi Korean Grill in 3D.

Restaurant 3D Project Features

Portfolio projects and features: We find this beautiful gem, located one of the nicest areas in Orlando, Dr. Phillips.  Known for being one of the best suburbs in Florida, also known to locals as the place to go for dining and entertainment in Orlando.  When Gogi opened up, it was right after the Covid-19 lockdown back in August 2020.  When we went to see the owner, we saw a beautiful transformation to the place. (For the reader’s info, this was a local beer bar before it shut down).  Gogi Korean Grill has such a great vive to it.  Atmosphere is set with vibrant warm colors and tasteful decoration, definitely very elegant and well suited for the area.  The owner told us, “Gogi is the new kid on the block, and I needed a kick in marketing to get it to become popular soon” He had seen our work and loved the idea of showing his potential clients his new place in 3D on his website.

 A 3d virtual tour gives your guests an idea of the look and feel of your restaurant, right from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Strengthen your online presence, as well as your brand image, with a virtual tour.

The beautiful layout of the restaurant.  The tour is very interactive. Viewers can navigate throughout the entire restaurant and explore all the items of the menu in each table. We added Mattertags with links to their social media, and reservation links that would land right on their reservation web page. itourvista 3D is a Google trusted Photographer; we also loaded the tour up in Google street view. Now his page is on the top organic page when people search for a “Korean restaurant near me.”  The owner at Gogi told us, the sales revenue went up since we did the 3D virtual tour.

Portfolio, projects and features of Restaurant in 3D

This restaurant is about 4,000sq.ft but we did not scan the kitchen, so it took 3 hours to scan and another 5 hours to edit.  It has over 180 scans of the entire front of the house and about 35 Mattertags of content and links. This project cost was $700 including a smart QR code. This MARKETING TOOL SMART QR CODE leads viewers directly to your professional profile, with access to the 3D virtual tour, your social media, personal recommendations and more!  We have access to analytics that show over 100 new visitors have scanned this QR code inside the restaurant and the tour has over 30,000 views in Google Maps in just 3 months. Now this is what we call, Marketing with 3D tours is simple.

Commercial Real Estate


Portfolio projects and features

The Ultimate Cave Barber Shop 3D Tour

Portfolio projects and features

Nuvo Suite Hotel in 3D

Portfolio projects and features

Sales Renta a Car in 3D

Portfolio projects and features

Bonsai Sushi

Highlights and attributes of the Town House project:

Portfolio, Highlights and features:  Over the years, we have seen an increase in tourism in Florida. Pre Covid 19 we had already reached an astronomical number of registered visitors. Over 100 million visits were registered in 2019 alone, in the Sunshine State! It is no surprise for the residents in Orlando or Miami the importance of Vacation Rental Properties.  This particular project came from our client who runs a Property Management company in Orlando. His main purpose was to ensure his owner/clients were renting with him, a proper documentation of the property status. He also told us he wanted to show his clients “more than photos but I want a more realistic way to allow my clients to truly see themselves in our vacation rentals” we both agreed that a 3D virtual tour would do that and more.

Responsive design, your virtual tour can be viewed on a wide variety of devices – computers, tablets, or smartphones – and with any web browser

You can tell this property is in Orlando, so we just gotta love those theme styled, rooms decorations. Imagine you are planning a trip to Orlando with your family.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see the home you will spend your vacation time in?  Impress your guests before they arrive, a 3D virtual tour will get your clients thinking about their holidays and imagining themselves in your property rental.  Notice the reaction when kids see their bedroom decorated with Mickey, Frozen or Miniums. Aww, they love it.  What is there not to love if they see a room decorated with their favorite characters, mom can check out the kitchen and dad sees the pool and grill waiting for him outside? Comfort is what makes a vacation great.

The following are the details and features of the Town House project:

Portfolio Highlights and features: Completing the scans in this town house took less than 2 hours. Total area of the property is 1,500 sq ft. 2 floors, 4 bedroom, 4 baths. We used a Matterport Pro 2 camera and did 92 scans total.  Editing photography took 2 hours and the cost for this project was $199 hosted for 1 year.  The Property Manager really liked the job. He embed the tour in his website and now visitors have access to all his 3D properties he did with us.

Portofolio, projects and features

Explore School in 3D

For those familiar in the area of Orlando, back in the 90’s there was a place called Mystery Fun House located in 192 in Kissimmee.  Today this place has a better purpose than entertainment; it has turned out to be a beautiful school called Reborn-Academy School.  This School holds the opportunity to educate those kids with special needs.  The director of the School wanted to bring the opportunity for families and new families to have access to the school whenever they visited their website. A great idea and a great purpose especially during covid-19 where many parents were concerned about the precautions taken in the school industry for the coming year.

What we like the most about this project and features

Using the Matterport software, the viewer is able to hold an entire property of over 30,000 sq. ft. and navigate throughout the entire place using just his or her fingertips. Now everyone can access each classroom, auditorium, recreational areas, cafeteria and bathrooms of the whole place.  Our favorite feature is in the Mattertags we added to the tour. Each student can see the classroom from any angle in a 360-degree view and move freely around each classroom. Each Mattertags has the information of teacher name, grade and subject.  When our client saw the result, he told us “Wow! Moving around our school has never been so easy. We are Impressed!”

Give your clients an even more in-depth tour experience by integrating text, videos, images and links into your virtual tour

Higlights and features of this project: It took Itourvista 3D about 3 days to complete this project.  Camera used for the school was our Matterport Pro 2. This project has over 400 scans of the entire area and 50 Mattertags with information. We started from inside the castle, which is Elementary and the Auditorium or Worship center.  The following day the cafeteria and the path outside that takes you to High School. We had to connect the path outside during dusk. The third day we used a drone video of the entire property.  The entire cost for this project was $3,000.  For more info about the school, you can visit their website visit at https://rebornacademy.org/es/


Explore King’s Dining and Entertaiment in 3D.

Bowling portfolio projects and features

Portfolio projects and features: One of the most popular entertainment when you live in a tourist area like Orlando is going bowling. It is American fun for every family.  At itourvista 3D we have been regular clients at King Dining and Entertainment we had to see the place in 3D.  When we offered our services to their GM, he thought that adding a 3D tour would be a great idea to promote their page and to show potential clients what the place looks like inside before they visit. The director of marketing was very interested to use this virtual tour mostly for marketing purposes specially to show corporate parties where they would host their people.

Matterport technology, the most advanced 3D virtual tour technology on the market, offers an exceptional user experience.

At Itourvista 3D we put a lot of dedication on this project. We wanted to capture everything the place offers, but our favorite part was to see the back of the house. Right where the magic happens in the Pin area. It is commonly referred to as the pin deck and it is where the ten pins are set. Its features include a padding cushion at the back to catch flying pins and a mechanism that sends the bowling balls back up the lane and the pins back into the pinsetter. You can see all that with the 3D tour and it is amazing.

3D Bowling Tour Details:

Projects and features of this tour: We completed this project in 5 hours using our Pro 2 Camera. It has about 340 scans of an area of 20,000 sq. ft.  We added about 20 Mattertags with links to photos, deals, menus and landing pages.  The user can navigate all around the premises, arcade, bars, outside areas and even access all the way to the end of the bowling lanes.  At Itourvista 3D we also loaded the tour up in Google Street View.  This allows people to have access to the tour when they search on Google Maps.


Portfolio, highlights and features

Explore Little Italy in 3D.

HDR and 360° panoramic photos can also be created from your virtual tour


High-definition photos (in JPEG format) can be created using the images in your virtual tour. Please note that these photos cannot replace the work of a skilled professional photographer using a reflex camera.


360° panoramic photographs (in JPEG format) can also be created from your virtual tours.  One of the best highlighted features of snapshots is sharing them. Viewer can access the place and see  an entire view in 360. See the benefits of 360 panoramic photos. These high-definition photos can be used on social networks such as Facebook, Instragram and Twitter