Rank high as a realtor in your social media with 3D tours.

 3D virtual tours proved to be effective in almost all the platforms in Social Media.

Being a Real Estate agent is hard.

Standing out in Social Media is hard as well.

Most agents and realtors out there can’t spend too much time promoting their website. However, if you like doing 3D Virtual Tours on your properties, here is a few tips you need to know. 3D houses are a great and easy marketing tool. Sharing 3D tours in social media is easy, not time consuming and effective.

Imagine a homebuyer searching for a house online. They are sweeping through pictures, and 200 photos later… they come across your page.

As they are scrolling on your page, they see a 14 second video of a home like this one below.

3D tour videos are eye-catching.

How so? According to a survey by the NAR Magazine Article 

About 55% of survey respondents say they’d even consider buying a property sight unseen if there was a 3D tour available in the online listing.

You can check the analytics and see exactly how many viewers interacted with the tour. Even see how many unique visitors have seen the tour, instead of just showing photos which don’t allow  you to keep track of your campaign.

The best part is they can be 3D tours can be shared in Social Media and boost your Digital Marketing.

They can be uploaded in so many platforms and its very friendly to use and no need download anything.  You can send the link on an email, embed in your website, upload on MLS, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest record a video when auto play and upload your space on YouTube.

The Matterport software offers several cool tools for users to experience the 3D tour in many ways.

There is as a play button where the space turns into an automatic video tour.

There is also a measurement tool, ideal to measure space. Just this tools will get rid of so many wondering questions like:

“Will my Bed fit in this room?” or “Will my Piano fit through that door?”

This are guesses people commonly wonder when they see still photos. Not with a 3D virtual tour. It won’t be necessary and its accuracy its 99.9%.

By accessing either through a tablet, PC, mobile, even VR virtual helmets, the client or the interested party enters an immersive experience since they can access every angle of that space and see it in 360 degrees.

What do you see in a 3D virtual tour?

Everything from a standing point of view.  The experience feels like you are actually there. The user can navigate from point to point as if they are walking through your space in that moment.  In the age of social distancing, 3D virtual tours are now more than ever an essential part of successful Real Estate marketing and for all Businesses.

If you have not seen a 3D virtual tour let me describe you what is it like.

Most cameras scan at the height of 5 feet 4 inches so your visual is from a standard height, not too high or too low. At the beginning, you click on the link

(this is how the link looks like – https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=E53kjkqmexJ 

and you can copy and paste anywhere) and it automatically takes you to an upload page. The space will be turning around  in the shape of a dollhouse. Once the upload stops, you can access with your fingers (if you using a cellphone) inside the space, you can move around just clicking any side and it takes you there, You might get a little lost spinning around trying to relocate, but in a few seconds you get the hang of it.

But why is a 3D virtual tours in social media an important key to the success of a real estate company Media?

Very simple; buyers research more than 80% of home searches online. That is where you can make the impact.

For example, there was an article in Google, where a Real Estate Company had gone totally 3D virtual on all their houses.  Anyone selling or renting in their listing had a Matterport 3D virtual tour attached to it.

In an interview, the marketing president of the virtual real estate agency  that despite the strict restrictions that existed during the quarantine of the Corona virus, their company managed to generate more than 6 million dollars in sales and rentals.

With the restrictions, people could safely navigate each virtual tour at any time of the day and visit it as many times as they wanted, helping to avoid unnecessary visits to houses that are not to their liking, discarding faster and wasting less time.

Thanks to virtual tours, 95% of interested callers made a decision without having seen the house in person.

Let me tell you a situation and you tell me how familiar this sounds, how many times have you seen a place in photos. Then, when you visit it in person, you are disappointed to see that the site is waaaay smaller than the photos?

Cameras can deceive the space depends on the angle the photo is taken.

Real estate photographers use those little tricks. However, those tricks have already gone down in history. Anyone who has a good smartphone can take good photos, there is no doubt, but have you ever looked the photos online  of your favorite product? Whether is a BMW car, Nike shoes or even a Big Mac … are these photos taken with it a smartphone? I bet you not!


Without a doubt, it is very advantageous to have the properties made with a professional camera and with good angles, but for us at itourvista3d we think that for the same money that you are going to spend for some photos, it offers a virtual tour where people can access each space and explore it with 360-degree views.

What other better way do you know to show your space 24/7?

You in the flesh or the 3D Virtual Tour?

Whether is an open house for a realtor, or a car collection, a museum or a school, and online retail store, the construction progress to supervisors… 3D virtual tours benefit them all.

This is great for businesses that really want people to see how amazing their business looks from the inside out, or for Realtors who want to sell that house fast. You can No hold longer the attention of your clients with just brochures, glossy catalogs, simple images, slideshow or plain HTML, today you need a high-quality virtual tour that shows and differentiates your offering regardless of price.

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