The Healing Benefits of Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality’s Advantages

Virtual Reality is becoming a popular subject in many fields of studies. More institutions are using virtual reality to bring an immersive understanding of whatever their field is all about.

Some advantages of this technology are just awesome like: Helping students learn about the ecosystem in school. Healing patients with post-traumatic syndrome, and gaining a better understanding of difficult procedures in the medical field.

Sometime, it is not enough to learn about a subject just from plain text or still photos; VR allows the user to experience in a more immersive way, as if they were there in real time.

How a 3D Virtual Reality is helping in the classroom.

Imagine students who have never seen the ocean before will have the opportunity to see what it looks like offshore and under the water. This is just a small example of the things they can see.

The use of virtual reality in the classroom has had a positive impact on students. Science educators, for example, are demonstrating how virtual reality (VR) is overcoming physical distance barriers. They are providing their students with a first-person view of the changes taking place in our ecosystem.

Educators from around the world shared their experiences with this learning tool at the International Society for Technology in Education. Experts have discovered that virtual environments can provide students who need extra help with the opportunities they need to develop the skills they need to be as successful in the classroom as their classmates.

Virtual Reality technology can help activate a brain sensory that textbooks or photos don’t have.

One of the significant benefits of using virtual and virtual reality in the classroom is that students are engaged in their work.  They can also block out other classroom distractions.


Like Michael Tartt, head of the National Marine Sanctuaries says about VR-

“The level of excitement in the room is different, the attention that is given and the curiosity that is piqued is just different.” 

The comprehension about the effects of the ecosystem seeing from a virtual reality point of view is a fuller experience for the student.

Another growing issue in the classrooms is attention deficit disorder (ADD). According to the latest results from the Control and Prevention ( cdc) 5.7 million children have already been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  The number of diagnoses is steadily risen in the last decade.

VR helps with Mental Illness

Another way virtual reality has a positive impact is reducing stress for those with mental illness. In a recent study, the Dolphin Swim Club discovered that their Virtual Reality videos not only kept dolphins out of captivity, but also had a significant impact in therapies for people with disabilities. Johan Elbers, an adviser  in an organization called Heeren Loo reported;

Some 82 percent of our clients feel actually relaxed by seeing the films, it takes them away from the world they are in; they enter a new world in another mind-set, think differently, see differently and relax completely.”

The Dolphin Experience Virtual Reality. 

The dolphin experience also improves in many patients a great relief in pain and sleeplessness.

After patients watched the Dolphin film in VR, a lot of them reported to feel calmer and more peaceful.  Psychiatrists are noticing the film helps with the level of stress and has a positive impact in therapy to make more people feel relaxed.

Not only VR can save more dolphins out of captivity but also it brings disable people to the closest dolphin experience they would have in real life.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Medical Field

Furthermore, virtual reality has transformed several parts of medicine. With 3D visualization, doctors can have a better knowledge of the challenging surgery procedures they are about to undertake. There have been situations where VR has been crucial, such as the successful separation of conjoined twins at the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.

Virtual reality benefits on patients’ life. The healing process of SnowWorld.

In many cases, cancer patients confirmed being able to immerse themselves in a peaceful virtual world while wearing VR headsets, taking their focus away from the pain associated with medical problems and treatment.

Just like the Dolphin film, Doctor Hunter Hoffman helped create a VR game called “SnowWorld” designed specifically to distract burn patients. He stated,

Pain medication helps, but they are often not strong enough” according to a research patient who played the game reported 50 percent less pain than those who did not.

Virtual Reality is a beneficial tool for other industries.

Virtual Reality benefits in Sports.

All over the world, Coaches and players are using virtual reality to train more efficiently across a variety of sports. They can watch and experience certain situations repeatedly and improve each time.

It is primarily used as a training aid to aid in the measurement of athletic performance and the analysis of technique.

VR is also becoming popular in Real Estate.

Immersive Reality

Dollhouse view for Real Estate

Although Virtual Reality is not a new concept, the way people use it has grown in popularity. If more institutions learn how to apply virtual reality in diverse industries, the benefits are limitless.


VR Advantages in Documenting Spaces

Moreover, VR is a good way to document spaces such as museums, real estate, restaurants and construction sites to name a few. It brings people closer to the reality of things and places, making learning more enjoyable and pleasurable.

With the current pandemic in our world, virtual reality can take you places in a safe manner and saves time and money for the users.


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