The Metaverse; This is what are our future virtual entertaiment will look like!

Is The Metaverse the latest leap to a new generation of digital and virtual reality?  I wouldn’t be surprised if in a decade from now, Virtual Worlds platforms will be as popular as Instagram or Snapshot are today.

Imagine a virtual world where everything could be your way.

For others is like living a Second life.

In this cyber universe you can socialize. You can participate in both individual and group activities.

Explore the grid (virtual world) and being able to meet other avatars.

You can be anything you want to be, a superhero, a great chef, a millionaire,  an animal or creature.

The best part of all; physical laws do not apply.

You can fly like a bird, jump as high as you want and go anywhere you want to go. Some surrounding will be about war, others will have peaceful commerce or a tranquil society.

You are able to build, create, shop, and trade virtual property.   Even pay with virtual currency all services with one another.

Is your mind wondering about the possibilities now?

Well, this could be the next leap for our future next entertainment.

Virtual worlds where human beings can live an alternate existence.

The Metaverse, is universe parallel to the physical world but are we ready for it?

Not only experts believe that the Metaverse is the internet and humanity’s future but it’s already valued at $500 billion. That’s a very sexy number for something that it hasn’t happen yet.

We will tell you everything about the Metaverse that is in process and what impact it will have on our future.

What is the virtual universe or Metaverse about?

A virtual universe is a kind of virtual online community.  It is a simulation of an invented or reality-inspired world and environment.

If you never heard the term “metaverse” it originated from Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. In the acknowledgments section Stephenson writes: The words “avatar” (in the sense it is used here) and “Metaverse” are my invention, which I came up with when I decided that existing words (such as “virtual reality”) were simply too awkward to use.

In other words, imagine a world created, with countries and you can interconnect in a virtual world that only exist in cyberspace.

People can communicate with one another via characters or avatars.  Some apps may require that you use your real identity (or at least the name on your Facebook account) but most will not.

Building things with friends within virtual worlds will become common, and major events within the most popular virtual worlds will become pop culture news stories.

We’ve been breeding this generation with so many virtual games like Minecraft, Roblox and Fornite, it is no wonder Virtual Worlds will gain major popularity.

Road to a new future, introducing the Omniverse.

As the ‘Metaverse’ construction begins, industrial multinationals use another parallel universe: The Omniverse.

Nvidia, a company known for producing the world’s most advanced graphics and artificial intelligence processors, created the Omniverse platform.

The Omniverse is made up of interconnected virtual worlds in which humans will be able to live as if they were in the real thing.

  • It works in a similar way to the Metaverse, but unlike the Metaverse, the Omniverse’s laws of physics are identical to those in the physical world.

Control in a first view.

According to Nvidia, this Omniverse can also be used to control factories, buildings, and infrastructures in the real world.

The Omniverse is so true to reality that when the system detects a savings in time or materials, ingeneers know they can put it into practice with confidence. 

The impact of the Omniverse in the real world.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s executive director, assures that the simulations that exist in the Omniverse can also be optimized using artificial intelligence.

Any optimization, whether for a factory, a resort, a tall building, or a megabase, can have an immediate impact on the twin in the real world.

In fact, Bentley Systems is already developing tools within the Omniverse. These tools will allow engineers to monitor and predict the behavior of any type of construction in the real world. How cool it’s that!

A Big Leap for Game Developers.

According to Huang, the Omniverse will make the leap into the world of consumption with video game developers. Indeed, Epic Games, which recently raised $1 trillion for the Metaverse, is also a partner of Nvidia’s Omniverse. When you see that kind of money, the Metaverse seems closer than we thought.

Virtual worlds and the new Era for Social interactions.

Right now,  Facebook users interact with the site on a daily basis;

  • Instagram (63%),
  • Snapchat (61%),
  • YouTube (51%)
  • Twitter (41%)

By comparison, the percentage of people who play a game will multiply as the virtual worlds within games become more fulfilling social, entertainment and commercial platforms.

In an article about Virtual Reality Porn we mention all the money the Porn Industry has invested and the profits gains are incredible!


The popularity of Roblox,  with 40 million users and Minecraft, which surpassed 112 millions. There are both technical reasons and cultural reasons why participation shows this movement is gaining traction in a bigger way among the youngest generation of internet users.

Reasons to believe, virtual worlds will finally go massively mainstream in the next few years.

This economic impact in not meant for a simple avatar, this is a new pop culture on the rise.

The Metaverse expansions.

With Apple virtual reality glasses just around the corner and  not far behind other companies hope to pursue this opportunity from other angles.

Companies like Matterport enables real-estate owners to create an immersive experience of their properties. The best value here is that buyers, renters, suppliers, construction professionals and service providers can navigate these 3D scans. In addition, it allows you to understand potential issues and opportunities in ways that wouldn’t be possible with blueprints or photographs.

According to a Bloomberg Intelligence report;

The Metaverse will have risen to 2.5 trillion by 2030.

The economic potential is so great that major technology companies like Apple, Facebook, NVidia, Sony, are investing billions. Everyone wants to position themselves as portals to this alternate dimension.

A basket of security for Investors.

It’s known as the Metaverse ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund).  Which investors can put their money to invest in companies that are working in the Metaverse.  It’s essentially a basket of securities. Although the Metaverse is not physically tangible (yet), it is already psychologically relevant. As social media apps are virtual worlds we have accepted as real.

Everything has the value that the individual wishes to attach to it and this is what really gives value to everything.

Besides, virtual currency is on it’s way, so tangible or not, we’ll pay to play!

We are about to take the definitive step into this new plane of existence.

This makes me wonder what would be my alter ego in a society that only exist in cyberspace?

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