How to start your own virtual tour business

How to Start your 3D Virtual Tour Business

Thinking about opening your own 3D Virtual Tour Business?

If you are reading this, you are considering starting your own 3D virtual Tour Business.

We think is a great idea, and we encourage you to do your best.

Here are a few tips on how to start and what to keep in mind when you are starting as a 3D virtual tour provider.

Perhaps you might be thinking, is it easy to book clients and offer your services in this industry?


Am I going to make money?

It’s not hard, but it takes a bit of patience and perseverance. However, you’ll be working with a great tool that many people are not yet aware of the benefits of, but once you present to them the solutions your work can bring your clients, it’s easy to sell.

You can make money, but the exact amount of profit that you can make from this business depends greatly on how many clients you have and the amount of work that they provide.

As part of a digital sales process, virtual tours are incredibly useful.

Many businesses are still not utilizing them to their full potential to improve sales. Also, in an age where more individuals attempt to avoid personal interaction, this technology unquestionably meets a need and fulfills avoid.

Virtual tours are a significant business.

Every major city around the globe has dozens of virtual tour developers.

Photographers of virtual tours make VR tours for businesses that wish to use VR as part of their marketing strategy. That marketing strategy is growing as fast as the Metaverse’s popularity.

 Virtual 3D tours benefit a wide range of businesses.

Everyone can be a prospect in this business. With the Pro 2 Camera, you’ll be able to capture any space.

Retail, restaurants, co-working spaces, museums, and hotels are just a few of the prominent industries that use virtual reality tours to attract more customers. Not to mention the massive real estate industry, which is embracing virtual reality tours at a rapid pace.

There is plenty of business out there!

Remember your best clients will be those from the hospitality and real estate industries. This is because they will both have numerous rooms and properties for you to create virtual tours, all of which add up to a bigger payday for you.


 One of the best parts about this business is that you may work from home and have almost no recurring expenses.

Shooting everything digitally eliminates the need for more equipment beyond the initial investment.

Moreover, your earnings will be lower when you first start, but due to the lack of real operating costs mentioned in the previous section, the majority of every dollar is converted directly into earnings.

Also,  working from home eliminates the need for additional overhead, utilities, and so on.

In essence, you will probably be paying for the gas you need to travel from place to place and the costs associated with hosting your professional website and the Matterport Plan. That’s it

At itourvista3d, we started with Matterport Pro 2 Camera.

What exactly is Matterport? This software is a new way to show potential buyers how a property will look in real life. The company has created a camera system that captures 360-degree views of any room in a home or office.

What are the costs of starting a 3D virtual tour company?

Naturally, the cost of starting a virtual tour business is determined by the amount and type of equipment purchased and whether or not you work from home.

For example, a home-based virtual tour business can start with $4,000 or less.

So, if you already own a Matterport Camera or if you are thinking about buying one, we recommend the Matterport Pro2 Camera. This camera is perfect and it cost less than $3,000. The rest of the budget may be another $1,000 to $2,000 more.

Keep in mind all these steps to build a successful Virtual 3D Tour business.

  1. First, Plan Your Virtual Tour Business Create A Legal Entity For Your Virtual Tour Business (LLC preferably, if you are operating alone)
  2. Then, don’t forget, Taxes Must Be Registered For Your Virtual Tour Company
  3. Also, Create A Business Bank Account And A Credit Card
  4. You Must Create An Account with Matterport For Your Virtual Tour Company.
  5. Make Sure, you Get All The Tools You Need For Your Virtual Tour Business (pro2, Zihco1
  6. Optional, Purchase Virtual Tour Business Insurance. (This Helps To Get Hired By A Bigger Company)
  7. Create A Brand For Your Virtual Tour Company.
  8. After, Build A Website For Your Virtual Tour Company.
  9. Finally, Configure Your Business on Google My Business

how to own your 3D Virtual Tour Business


  • “A big business starts small.”
  • “You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”
  • “Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size doesn’t matter – people do.”
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