The value of a 3D Virtual Tour for businesses.

Point out the Value before Prices when presenting your 3D Virtual Tour Services for businesses. When it comes to pricing, here is what you need to keep in mind when you are selling your 3D virtual tours services to your clients.  In the Photography industry, every photographer has faced a rejection on projects because clients consider the prices to be expensive.  Same goes for those offering 3D virtual services.  Hopefully some of the insights here will help you get some of the selling tips to help stablish the importance of your value and not your prices. Whether your prices are set per square footage or per package, you will not be able to sell a 3D virtual tours service if you don’t educate your clients on the benefits and your value when they hire your services.

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Why is the value for your services so important and how to bring it up.

As a professional in your field, you must keep in mind that your services have a value,  not only in the final product you deliver, but most importantly, in the value you are offering the customer.  Your clients need to understand that your services come based on your Experience, Education, Reputation and the Tools you possess. All of that has to be established when you are presenting a quote for your services.

Remember your 3D virtual services prices weigh more in your value. When asked about pricing it is important to address the value first. If you already stated who you are and you’ve shown how 3D virtual tours have helped others, there shouldn’t be any objections on prices yet.

Why Your Value is more important than your prices when quoting a 3D tour project.

Do not hide your prices but do emphasize all the factors that dictate the cost of your industry, as customers are doing their research. Customers like honesty and they feel you are not hiding anything. It is suggested to add your prices on your website, most of the time that’s what they are looking for and if you do not offer it, they will look somewhere else.


In the world of 3D tours like in any other sales, remember to SELL THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE, NOT THE PRODUCT. Let me explain…

In order for a prospect to find value in what you are attempting to sell them, you have to understand they have a problem and they need help, your help in this case. Once you understand this, you can show them how your product or service can solve their problem.

After all, no matter what you quote, if your product doesn’t help, potential clients won’t see the value.

So, in the qualifying phase of the sales process you need to find what the desired results are your prospect is seeking. Then you must dig deep to find their internal emotional reasons for wanting what they are telling you they want.

Spark their curiosity and get them interested fast.

Simply ask them, “John or Mary, if I can show you how I could help you generate popularity, more traffic, more customers and more sales. Would you do be interested in finding out more?” If the answer is yes, great, you did a good job creating their interest. Now, move on to selling your services.

If their answer is no, then you are not bringing value to your service, continue digging

This is what you need to know:

What is the value in a problem a 3D tour can solve?

As has been noticed in a post-pandemic research,  how consumers’ behavior has changed. Technology is changing the buyer’s patterns drastically, and we’ll see more in the coming years. What you and I thought will be sold face to face will soon become sold online. Sales and marketing will never be the same. You need to leverage the internet to help your business and that’s a value you are offering.

Every business, whether they sell goods or services will seldom confess to you their business has a problem. It is not for them to think about it, it is your job to let them be aware that everyone has a problem and you have the knowledge to help them.

View it as a consumer mindset.

Generally speaking, there are two motivating factors in a person for doing anything in their life; to gain pleasure, or to avoid pain. Your goal in finding the answer to the prospects’ problems is to find the pleasure they wish to gain or the pain they wish to avoid.

If you were talking to your retail friend, he or she would love to have more sales happening in their store. Generating more sales is a problem if they are not doing it right. Your question is very simple, – “Mary, can I ask you what are you doing to generate more people in your business?”  Shut up and listen.

You will be surprised at the answers. If you listen well, they will tell you how they want to be sold.

Depending on the industry, you can tell them about the benefits of adding a 3D virtual tour to their business. Do your research on the benefits you can help to your client. Here are more reasons regarding benefits and value.

When your clients don’t understand how your services could potentially boost more sales.

Let your prospects know the value a 3D tour has to help them make money:

For the most part, one common problem for people it is all about money.

If your prospect is in the industry of Real Estate, a 3D virtual tour can help them by showing more houses. A 3D tour is like an Open House 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  Explain to them about your research;  Show how 3D virtual tours can get 400% more views according to WAV group, or to name a few.  These research shows how 3D homes generate better potential client’s interest and home sales faster.

For Businesses like Retail and Restaurants,  you need to show how 3D tour generate the potential to be found faster on organic search and clients have access to shopping links. In addition, let them know they get to stand from the competition, hence more clients, more money.

The Value of Time in 3D Tours. When the problem is time Management:

If you spotted the word TIME a lot in the conversation, that means time is important to your client.

Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life. Why?  Time is the most precious resource and because you can’t get wasted time back.  Moreover, not everyone truly has the same amount of time in a day.  Time is relative for everyone but one thing is for sure, we can agree that good time management  can help accomplish more in a shorter period of time which leads to more free time.

Here is how 3D Virtual Tours also save you time!

There are so many benefits for the consumers and your clients as well. In Real Estate 3D home tours helps avoid unnecessary trips to see houses that are not to your client’s liking.

Another way to 3D tours can save you time when your clients are moving. Moving companies will appreciate it and in the meantime is a great way to document your belongings. This is a great to expose it to a Real Agent to convince the seller to do a 3D virtual tour.

Furthermore, 3D tours exposed on your business website, saves clients a trip to your store if they see you don’t have the product they are looking for. At the same time, if they see your product, it will incite them to go to your store first.

Either way, 3D tour can save time to so many people, from not having to make a long distance trip to see the house, the store or the restaurant and find out it is not what they expected.

These are just a few examples; try to get as creative as possible in this area. Nobody likes to waste his or her time or yours.

It’s very simple, By offering, more to see you will see an increase in happy customers who made the right choice.

Did you know adding a 3D virtual Tour can to your website will increase physical visits?

Indeed, today’s consumers rely on Google Maps and other map websites 44% of the time when beginning their search. 3D Virtual tours have proven to be an influence on how strong that listing is and how often it appears in organic search on Google and on Maps.

Given this point,  inform your clients the benefits of having a Google My Business account if they don’t have one. 85% of them don’t.  Explain to them that the benefits are great and it’s free. Most businesses don’t know about this powerful tool and in the case you don’t know either, this is what you need to know. Adding a virtual tour on your website makes a major impact on your company’s presence online.

Turning around objections when the Value is not clear. What to say.

Unfortunately we are all familiar with these common objections and this is what most of they mean:

  • “Your price is too high.”   (means poor value presentation)
  •  “You’re all the same. What makes you different?” (again, poor value presentation)
  •  “Just send me info and I’ll get back to you.”  (no urgency, no need, no value)
  • “This isn’t a priority right now.” ( obviously, no urgency, no need, no value)

At this point, it is not all lost, but somehow, the prospect didn’t understand the concept or the benefits. You need to turn it around.

A good way to turn the objection around is telling them about third party stories and just taking it away.
You can say something like –“I understand my product is not for everybody and may not be for you John. However, I had a client that told me exactly what you said, when I came to find out; he did not understand the benefits and wasn’t getting the picture”.

In fact, this is a different approach because it is hard for an owner of an establishment to say no to those questions.

Ultimately, ask him “If adding a 3D tour to your website could bring you more customers to you, are you saying no to more customers? Or saying no to your business presence in the internet? Are you saying no to stand out from your competitors?”

Keep  digging for the main reason,

You may ask this, “So aside from the price I quoted you, what did you like the most about our services?” Let them tell you and stay quiet. People want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold. They will listen to themselves saying the reasons why they liked your presentation. If you don’t act too pushy, you have a good chance again to spark their interest.


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