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Attributes of the 3D Tour for Vacation Town Homes in Orlando project:

Over the years, we have seen an increase in tourism in Florida. Pre Covid 19 we had already reached an astronomical number of registered visitors. Over 100 million visits were registered in 2019 alone in the Sunshine State!

It is no surprise for the residents in Orlando or Miami the importance of Vacation Rental Properties.  This particular project came from our client who runs a Property Management company in Orlando.

His main purpose was to ensure his owner/clients were renting with him, a proper documentation of the property status.

He also told us he wanted to show his clients:

“I want more than just photos… I want a more realistic way to allow my clients to truly see themselves in our vacation rentals”

We both agreed that a 3D virtual tour would do that and more.

Responsive design, your virtual tour can be viewed on a wide variety of devices – computers, tablets, or smartphones – and with any web browser

Moreover, you can tell this property is in Orlando, so we just gotta love those theme styled, room decorations.

Imagine you are planning a trip to Orlando with your family…

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the home you will spend your vacation time in?

Impress your guests before they arrive!

When you offer 3D virtual tour will get your clients thinking about their holidays and imagining themselves in your property rental.

Notice the reaction when kids see their bedroom decorated with Mickey, Frozen or Miniums…..Aww, they will love it!

What is there not to love if they see a room decorated with their favorite characters, mom can check out the kitchen and dad sees the pool and grill waiting for him outside?

Comfort is what makes a vacation great.

Details and features of the 3D Tour for Vacation Town Homes in Orlando project:

Moreover, completing the scans in this town house took less than 2 hours. Total area of the property is 1,500 sq ft. 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths.

We used a Matterport Pro 2 camera and did 92 scans total.  Editing photography took 2 hours and the cost for this project was $199 hosted for 1 year.  The Property Manager really liked the job. He embedded the tour in his website and now visitors have access to all his 3D properties he did with us.

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