5 Great Matterport Museums.

Here are our viewers’ top five favorite Matterport 3D museums!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Matterport 3D virtual tours of museums from around the world. We at itourvista 3D are passionate about history and the arts. This is why we like seeing the excellent work of other Matterport providers. Eye-catching 3D virtual tours grew in popularity even more during the pandemic last year, so we had even more fun sharing them on social media.

Because our followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the top ten other platforms responded positively to so many of the tours, we decided to categorize them. These tours are ranked only for our visitors’ entertainment and to highlight the work of the immersive reality sector.

So, if you appreciate art, antiquities, and all things associated, have a seat and unwind. By simply turning on your device, you may take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most stunning and well-known institutions.

Here are the top five after one year, based on popularity, comments, and impressions.

We hope you appreciate them as much as we do.

Ranking #1 Matterport Museum

The Dali Theatre-Museum  Presented by Foundation Gala-Salvador Dali

5 Great Matterport Museums.

This is the winner of their 3D tour. This tour was voted the most popular by our audience.

The Dali 3D tour is very IN-DEPTH. The virtual tour is interesting and full of Mattertags information. Making the viewer more interactive by including more than 50 tags with useful information.

The tour was shot with a Matterport Pro 2, one of the best 3D cameras on the market. Our thanks go to the author of this tour, who did an excellent job.

5 Great Matterport Museums.

The Dali Museum comprises three stories, and the 3D guided walkthrough allows you to move around the structure with ease. Enjoy the experience and the 3D tour!

At Itourvista 3D we recommend you use the Oculus gear for a better experience.

5 Great Matterport Museums.

Ranking #2 Matterport Museum

Matterport Museum

Is Planetarium Hamburg Presented by Matterport

Although it is not exactly a museum, the Hamburg Planetarium is one of the world’s oldest and one of Europe’s main attractions.

It had to be on our list, of course! ….and it was the second most popular with our target audience. The capture of the dome’s shape in the dollhouse view is the most stunning aspect of this tour.

Furthermore, the interior display is of high quality as you enjoy the 3D walkthrough. The constellations shown on the inner dome are stunning. The tour contains a lot of Mattertags content with what appears to be useful information (although we don’t speak German).

For example, one of our viewers was wearing the Oculus while doing this tour and described it like this  “It feels like I can touch the sky with my hands.”

Now, as you tour the main hall, called THE HALL OF THE STARS  you will find one of the most modern projectors in the world.  The projector is located in the center of the amphitheater and it projects different presentations on the dome. Right in this area, one can lose the sense of orientation among an endless number of stars to admire.

Matterport Museum

Ranking #3 Matterport Museum

is Pitt Rivers Museum  Located in the UK and Presented by V21artspace.com

If you enjoy watching archaeological collections, expect to spend some time enjoying this 3D virtual tour of one of the most prestigious museums in London.

Talking about an entertaining experience!

The museum located at Oxford University welcomes you to full exhibits, of the unique collections of Body Art, Jewelry, and Accessories from all cultural places.  Of course, all these artifacts will sure keep you looking. At the same time, we found the flow of the tour easy, as there are only two floors in this museum. It’s nice to enjoy moving around without getting lost in staircases or hallways.

There are more than half a million artifacts to explore; dozens of displays and exhibits to enjoy this amazingly done 3D virtual tour.

Furthermore, the clarity of the light taken by the pro 2 camera allows the visitor to appreciate the small ethnographic artifacts from all over the world. This incredible tour came in third place among our audience’s favorites.

Ranking #4 Matterport Museum 

is the Behringer-Crawford Museum located in the USA and presented by SPACE 3D Virtual Tours Makers

This 3D tour is enjoyable to explore, however, it’s a bit disorganized in terms of museums. The Kentucky Streetcar welcomes you to their “History of Motion” exhibit as you begin your tour. The museum’s entry is pleasant and well-lit, and visitors can easily read all of the exhibit labels and histories.

In this Matterport Museum,  you can find a fantastic miniature city layout representing Kentucky in the 1880s and other curiosities.

Prehistoric discoveries, Baseball Collections, Native American artifacts, jewelry, and other collections are all on display at the same time. The scan around the train displays, as well as the other exhibits, are so clear that the Mattertags are unnecessary. The level of detail is astounding. Allow approximately 40 minutes to observe everything.

And finally in our list of the 5 best Matterport 3D Virtual Tours Museums…


The Museum of Natural History at the Toledo Zoo is located in the USA and presented by Paul Jacoby

 ‘No tour of the zoo?’

Granted, it does say zoo on the title, and well… this was our answer:

We know it would be cool to see the entire Toledo Zoo in 3D (but we don’t think 5,300 animals would collaborate with the provider while he spins around the Pro 2 camera!)

This virtual tour is to explore only the Natural History Museum located inside the zoo. Overall, the 3D tour is greatly scanned and well-edited. The camera was in position at the right angle, so it gives you a good flow of the space.

Although there are no Mattertags to enjoy the details of the exhibitions it is not necessary. The work looks very professional because there are a lot of glass walls and displays around and you can hardly ever see the camera in any reflection!  Great Job!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 best Matterport 3D Virtual Tours Museums. We welcome your comments and we welcome your 3D Virtual Tours! Share them on our site or blogs and be part of our favorite tours. Our email or contact us. 

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