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Should I do Photography or do 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate?

Many realtors and agents that just got a listing are also thinking about it.

Now, if you are like most realtors, your preference could be to hire a real estate photographer.  You probably know a great one who comes and takes fantastic pictures of the place, but lately, you have seen some Matterport projects out there.

You love all the cool features and the layout of the space; perhaps you wonder which one will be right for your new listing “Should I do a 3D virtual tour, or stick to traditional photography?”

As a Real Estate agent, this is a question I often hear in the Real Estate community. With all the current shutdowns, this issue has become a trend in this industry.  Although it is all about preference, let’s cover what each one would do for you.

The Virtual Tour Blog

3D Virtual Tours Provide a more interactive way to explore houses


Transitioning from the old and trying something new.

My intention in this Virtual Tour Blog is to bring you, the reader, to compare which one is right for you.  The idea is to expose all the pros and the cons out there when it comes to choosing between still photography and 3D Virtual tours. hopefully, you will decide which one is best for you and your client.

So if you just got a new listing!


Naturally, before loading it to the MLS, you need to take pictures of the house. Having attractive photography and media content from those photos will create a need for people to come and visit the property.

There is some truth in the Real Estate industry when they say,

“A picture is worth a thousand or several thousands of dollars,” I say, “imagine the impact when you offer a 3D virtual tour too.”

The Virtual Tour Blog

What are you paying for when hiring a Professional Photographer or a 3D Tour Provider?

When hiring a Real Estate photographer or a 3D virtual tour provider you should always keep in mind that you are hiring professionals, the price they charge is based on their knowledge, experience, tools, accuracy, services, punctuality, guarantee, safety, and security, professionalism, sacrifices and pay tax obligations.

Real Estate Photography Benefits.

Probably, the most popular choice for this industry. A good professional photographer will help you stand out faster than anyone.  Hiring a professional will help deal with your competition because it is what they do for a living and they are prepared with experience, tools, and knowledge.

Real estate photographers know how to capture your house in the best light and take a picture from the right angle to show the best features.

While many homeowners take pictures of corners and tight bathrooms, photographers know how to capture the entire bathroom in just one shot—without showing up in the mirror.

As professionals, you should let them handle that stress and time so you can work more on important things like your clients.

Beyond Photography. The Editing Side.

A professional photographer will not only take the photos, but they will take care of all the editing, like resizing them and doing any necessary color correction.

They work with equipment such as expensive cameras, tripods, small flash, and big flash. Bright light stands and wide lens cameras.  They know how to work programs like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System.

Once delivered to you over email all you need to do is download the image files and upload them to the MLS.

Most professional photographers offer marketing materials and videography which is another plus. The HDR resolution of their photographs gives a unique product to represent your listing like no other.

 What are the benefits if you opt for a 3D virtual Tour?

In this Virtual Tour Blog, I will show why many Realtors and agents are turning more to 3D virtual tours lately.

Although 3D is not new in the industry, its popularity rose during the pandemic.

If you want to show your properties in the most realistic way possible, and with the best possible realism regarding perspective 3D tours is a great option.

 The Virtual Tour Blog: 3D tours are Not to be mistaken with “virtual tours” which are not the same. 

One is a presentation of slide show photography and the real 3D virtual tour is interactive.

A certified provider will offer a 3D tour using the Matterport program to provide comprehensive space documentation such as dollhouse views and 360 walkthroughs, floor plans, and measurements.

The word 3D, a three-dimensional shorthand, implies having three degrees through which a user can travel freely.

Furthermore, during such transitions, a user can switch between 360° images, zooming in and out of the images.

  • They can click within each viewpoint to move to another one.
  • They also have the option to choose a room or level from a drop-down menu.
  • This degree of freedom adds yet another dimension, contributing to the experience of 3D space movement.

3D tour providers also work with expensive equipment and software costs but the links are user friendly so they are easy to share on social media, messages, and email.

Pros and Cons between Photography and 3D Virtual tour. Hiring a novice photographer for Real Estate

Not Hiring a professional can get expensive and sometimes is not even necessary.

Another downside is hiring a novice photographer.

Most listings that do not use a professional interior photographer do not portray the space in anything close to a realistic view.

I’ve known realtors that find photographers for as low as $100, but they typically use Lightroom presets on all of the photos.

They don’t always take the time to edit each picture individually.

Therefore, they do not make the house features shine for potential clients.

The results are not the best, but they can charge as much as $50 per picture for retouching and editing. If you need to upload between 10 to 15 photos, do the math.   Always make sure to check their portfolio.  It is better to have quality and not quantity.

The Virtual Tour Blog

Here’s another tip from this Virtual Tour Blog.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer for some rentals, vacation properties, or opportunity real estate for investors.  If you have a small rental listing, don’t invest your money with professional photography.

A lot of agents feel they do not need it and their smartphone will suffice. However, it is always up to you what you want to deliver to your client and how you want to impress them.

 Photography and 3D Virtual tour.

One fellow agent told me once his preference,  “I don’t see a point of just the 3D tour without photos — photos are primary and a 3D tour is secondary.”

In my years as a real estate agent (10 years now), I have to agree with this statement to a certain point. As I see it, great photos are like advertising and incite you to see more, but if you are offering a 3D tour... it will make them fall in love even more.

It is also good to know that a 3D camera will give you a great virtual tour, but the photography that comes out is not the best when it comes to angles. Although the photography captured with Matterport cameras is the highest (4k quality), there have been reports about the quality of the pictures; they are not the same as the lens camera.   Most pictures look distorted and with an “oval effect”.

Providers do not use flashes so pictures can turn out dark from some angles.  Typically the photographs have blown out windows (not realistic), and converging verticals (not realistic).  Most 3D cameras have a wide-angle lens that can capture an unrealistic perception of an interior space e.g., a door on the periphery that looks 8 feet wide instead of 4, or a matching set of chairs with the one at the periphery of the frame looking twice as large as the other does.

“Oval effect” caused by 3D Camera in photography

The Virtual Tour Blog Conclusion:

 Photography or 3D Virtual tour? 

It is your personal choice whether you want to hire the services of a professional photographer or not.

However, granting that you want to display the exact physical aspect of the property and have it displayed on the listing, then hiring a 3D virtual tour provider is not a bad decision at all.

It is important to remember that a photograph is only as good as the subject.

Great real estate photographs result when some effort or staging is made. Prepare the property by doing things as simple as decluttering and perhaps re-positioning furniture will help more. Professional photographers by their experience will know what will and what will not look good in photographs and can make appropriate suggestions.

Given the variables to represent your valued property in the best light (most realistic) possible, hands down going with a photographer who knows how to show both the interior and all important views is the best option.


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