1. 14% increase in bookings
  2. Viewers are 300% more engaged with a virtual tour of Matterport 3D than with 2D images.
  3. It allows clients to visualize the incredible vacations they will enjoy in their facilities.
  4. Highlight the important services of a hotel room, a country house, a restaurant … with pictures, videos and audio.
  5. Insert links into your tour to connect customers directly to your online booking system.
  6. Insert your menu or special offers in strategic places of the virtual visit.
  7. Connect with your audience and your customers in an innovative way.
  8. Share easily on all your social networks. The most innovative marketing tool.

Make it more appealing to people to visit your facility, regardless of time or distance.

Your visitors will be able to tell that what they see online is exactly what they will see in person.
Allow event planners to find the ideal venue by providing them with a thorough understanding of your facilities. Giving them a complete sense of your space from your computer or mobile device will save you time and money.

Customers can get a real sense of how the hotel looks and feels by using Matterport technology, which goes beyond static photography.

Cost-effective, immersive 3D virtual tours are an essential part of a successful marketing strategy in the age of social distancing.


This is how 3D Virtual Tours help Hotel Websites and Social Media.

Not only Hotels will benefit more with 3D Virtual Tours but also your clients. They may no longer find it necessary to take time-consuming journeys to visit Hotels that they have merely seen in photos.  Online clients are now able to experience representations of the room or space you are marketing in a more true-to-life way, without leaving their home.

Create a connection with your potential customers.

Matterport virtual tours are full immersive experiences that give your online visitors an accurate sense of your facilities and services. They create from real 2D and 3D data about your properties, and you can embed the tours on your web page as well as photos and videos.

You’ll speed up booking decisions and increase confidence by delivering an immersive 3D experience that’s so real, guests will feel like they’re already on vacation.

When it comes to Hotel marketing this is a great way to get attention from Social Media because people show curiosity.

STAND OUT from the competition when searched on Google Maps and Chrome.

Your audience will love the 3D experience and engage more in your website.

A Google virtual tour makes a major impact on your company’s presence online.

Consumers rely on Google Maps and other map websites 44% of the time when beginning their search.

3D Virtual tours have an influence on how strong that listing is and how often it appears in organic search on Google and on Maps.

Google ranks the best quality images first.

This means your content will push any low-quality photos to the bottom of your listing. Consider hiring a professional photography company or MP Provider to shoot, build and upload your next virtual tour.

Did you know a great 3D virtual tour is more likely to go viral?

People will share it on social networks and tell their friends about it.  People enjoy innovation, creativity, and what better than an immersive experience.
In addition, the search engines use social media signals as a ranking factor, which means that 3D tour content goes viral on social networks, it will reflect positively on the rankings of your site.

You’ll get more traffic and appear higher in search results because 3D tours are becoming more popular than they were 10 years ago.


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