3D Virtual Tour Reborn Academy.

3D Virtual Tour for Schools; Capturing Reborn Christian Academy.

For those familiar with the area of Orlando, back in the 90s, there was a place called Mystery Fun House located at 192 Kissimmee.  Today this place has a better purpose than entertainment; it has turned out to be a beautiful school called Reborn-Academy School.  This School holds the opportunity to educate those kids with special needs.  The director of the School wanted to bring the opportunity for families and new families to have access to the school whenever they visited their website. A great idea and a great purpose especially during covid-19 when many parents were concerned about the precautions taken in the school industry for the coming year.

What we like the most about this project and its features

Our favorite feature is the Mattertags we added to the tour. Each student can see the classroom from any angle in a 360-degree view and move freely around each classroom. Each Mattertags has the information of the teacher’s name, grade, and subject.

Using the Matterport software, the viewer can hold an entire property of over 30,000 sq. ft. and navigate throughout the entire place using just his or her fingertips. Now everyone can access each classroom, auditorium, recreational area, cafeteria, and bathroom in the whole place. When our client saw the result, he told us

“Wow! Moving around our school has never been so easy. We are Impressed!”

Give your clients an even more in-depth tour experience by integrating text, videos, images, and links into your virtual tour!

3D Virtual Tour for Schools; Highlights and features of this project:

So, it took Itourvista3D about 3 days to complete this project.  Moreover, the camera used for the school was our Matterport Pro 2. This project has over 400 scans of the entire area and 50 Mattertags with information. We started from inside the castle, which is the Elementary and the Auditorium or Worship center.  The following day the cafeteria and the path outside that takes you to High School. We had to connect the path outside during dusk. On the third day, we used a drone video of the entire property.  The entire cost for this project was $3,000.  For more info about the school, you can visit their website visit at https://rebornacademy.org/es/


3D Tip: Give your clients an even more in-depth tour experience by integrating text, videos, images, and links into your virtual tour.

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