Explore this 3D Virtual Tour of Luxury Home.

3D Virtual Tour of Luxury House (Miami, Florida)

This beautiful Luxury home (Already sold, but we keep it for sentimental value) was one of the most expensive pieces of property in our portfolio at the time back in 2017.  This tour opened our doors to find more realtors with Luxury Real Estate listings.

Today itourvista 3D has a list of clients using our services like Ritz Carlton Residence, Douglass Elliman, Keller Williams, and La Rosa Realty just to name a few.

The realtor of this property told us, that she wanted to captivate a select group of clients for her listing. She is a busy realtor in Miami and needed this house Open House and available 24/7.

That is exactly what our tours allow, potential buyers, access to the house any time of the day from anywhere in the world.  She later confessed to us, that she had one of our demos from our tours. When she showed it to the Seller; she promised she would do the same 3D virtual tour if he listed the house with her. She got the deal and called us right of way.  Our mission was to make her look good so she could make us look good as well.

What is the best feature of this 3D Virtual Tour project?

OMG! the view of the property! Located on the Intracoastal side of Miami Beach, the house has an overview of the Miami bay and the high-rise landscape.

The project took off on a sunny day that help captivate, in clear sunlight, all the features of the house. It is crucial for a potential client buying Real Estate to appreciate the visual impression in 360 degrees.  This eliminates most of the guesswork and provides a real-life feeling of the house flow. The Analytics in this home showed the average user time navigating the tour was over 5 minutes, which meant people loved navigating the tour and took the time to explore the space.

Our tours are the only virtual tours that maintain exceptional image quality while allowing the user to move around anywhere in the tour.

The property coverage area is 5,000sq.ft. Therefore, it took our team to complete 190 scans, about 2 hours and 3 hours to edit.  The realtor received 35 great 4k photographs and uploaded the tour into her MLS account.

The tour is accessible on every page listed on the internet.   She decided to do the SMART QR CODE that we placed right on the FOR SALE sign outside the house.

People driving by around the property all they had to do was point the camera at the QR code and scan. Automatically they are sent directly to her professional profile info and with access to the 3D virtual tour right there and then! Needless to say, she sold this property in the 6 figures in less than 3  months and she told us, the buyer didn’t even step a foot inside when he bought it.

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