King's Dining & Entertaiment Matterport Tour

Floorplan View


One of the most popular entertainment, when you live in a tourist area like Orlando, is going bowling.

It is American fun for every family.

At itourvista3D we have been regular clients at King’s Dining and Entertainment we had to see the place in 3D.  When we offered our services to their GM, he thought that adding a 3D tour would be a great idea to promote their page and to show potential clients what the place looks like inside before they visit.

Another one that couldn’t agree more with was the director of marketing as well. He was very interested to use this virtual tour mostly for marketing purposes especially to show corporate parties where they would host their people.

What is so cool about this 3D Tour Bowling project?

At Itourvista 3D we put a lot of dedication into this project. We wanted to capture everything the place offers, but our favorite part was to see the back of the house.

 Magic happens in the Pin area.

It is commonly referred to as the pin deck and it is where the ten pins are set. Its features include a padding cushion at the back to catch flying pins and a mechanism that sends the bowling balls to back up the lane and the pins back into the pinsetter.

It’s awesome!  You can see all that with the 3D tour and it is amazing.

Details of this Entertainment Venue project:

We would say, this project was completed in 5 hours using our Pro 2 Camera.

It has about 340 scans of an area of 20,000 sq. ft.

We added about 20 Mattertags with links to photos, deals, menus, and landing pages.  The user can navigate all around the premises, arcade, bars, outside areas, and even access the end of the bowling lanes.

Also, Itourvista3D we loaded the tour up in Google Street View.  This allows people to have access to the tour when they search on Google Maps.

Don’t leave without checking out their cool virtual profile featured on Immers3d Magazine


3D Tour Advantage: Matterport technology, the most advanced 3D virtual tour technology on the market, offers an exceptional user experience. Users LOVE IT.

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