Project detail

This restaurant is located in one of the nicest areas in Orlando, Dr. Phillips.  Known for being one of the best suburbs in Florida, also known to locals as the place to go for dining and entertainment in Orlando.  When Gogi opened up, it was right after the Covid-19 lockdown back in August 2020.  When we went to see the owner, we saw a beautiful transformation to the place. (For the reader’s info, this was a local beer bar before it shut down).  Gogi Korean Grill has such a great vive to it.  Atmosphere is set with vibrant warm colors and tasteful decoration, definitely very elegant and well suited for the area.  The owner told us, “Gogi is the new kid on the block, and I needed a kick in marketing to get it to become popular soon” He had seen our work and loved the idea of showing his potential clients his new place in 3D on his website.

What is so cool about this project?

The beautiful layout of the restaurant.  The tour is very interactive. Viewers can navigate throughout the entire restaurant and explore all the items of the menu in each table. We added Mattertags with links to their social media, and reservation links that would land right on their reservation web page. itourvista 3D is a Google trusted Photographer; we also loaded the tour up in Google street view. Now his page is on the top organic page when people search for a “Korean restaurant near me.”  The owner at Gogi told us, the sales revenue went up since we did the 3D virtual tour.

Details of the project

This restaurant is about 4,000sq.ft but we did not scan the kitchen, so it took 3 hours to scan and another 5 hours to edit.  It has over 180 scans of the entire front of the house and about 35 Mattertags of content and links. This project cost was $700 including a smart QR code. This MARKETING TOOL SMART QR CODE leads viewers directly to your professional profile, with access to the 3D virtual tour, your social media, personal recommendations and more!  We have access to analytics that show over 100 new visitors have scanned this QR code inside the restaurant and the tour has over 30,000 views in Google Maps in just 3 months. Now this is what we call, Marketing with 3D tours is simple.

Hint: A 3d virtual tour gives your guests an idea of the look and feel of your restaurant, right from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Strengthen your online presence, as well as your brand image, with a virtual tour.

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