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Highlights about 3D Virtual Tour Fitness Time.

If there is one thing we know about South Florida, it is that Miami Beach has an active lifestyle.

This city experiences 90-degree weather nearly 11 months of the year!

It is normal to see residents here visiting the beach and wearing little clothing.

Hence, those gyms are a necessity in Miami.

With hundreds of gyms to choose from on your journey to a healthier life, every gym owner in Miami must stand out from the crowd.

According to the owner of Fitness Time in Sunny Isles, the local fitness landscape has changed substantially since the lockdown.  Forcing fitness clubs to close and reopen under rigorous safety standards.

We decided that creating a 3D tour of the entire space would assist existing and new members in learning about the safety restrictions in place.

It is also a wonderful approach to provide access to a 3D virtual tour to individuals looking for a new gym.

Features of the 3D Virtual Tour Gym Fitness Time

The incredible HD image of the equipment.

Once the viewer is exploring the 3D tour of the gym, the quality of the pictures enhances their state-of-the-art equipment.  Thus, the viewer can appreciate the quality.

That is probably the most important feature a gym must show their clients;

“We have the best brand new equipment for your training needs”

However, research shows that Gyms that provide this type of content such as 3D virtual tours receive more clicks than those that do not.  So the more clicks, the more potential leads, right?

The owner told us that since the 3D tour went live on his website, he has witnessed a significant rise in the number of individuals joining his gym. People are participating without ever setting foot on the floor!

That is a successful marketing technique.

About details of the 3D Virtual Tour Fitness Time project:

Moreover, this space is about 10,000 sq. ft. and we captured the entire area in 290 scans.

In addition, it took about 3 hours to scan and about 3 hours of editing. Areas captured; spinning room, training zone, weight room, childcare, women’s and men’s locker room, and boutique store.

The camera used for this project was the Matterport Pro 2. The cost for this project was $1,500. At itourvista3D virtual tours, we strive to help owners succeed with their business. We will continue to help on more projects like these, with five completed in Miami and Orlando up to date.  Visit the Fitness Time website and see the tour embedded on their page.

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