Explore Matterport 3D tour of Estefan Kitchen.

3D Virtual Tour Estefan Kitchen

Matterport Restaurant 3D Project Features for Estefan Kitchen Orlando. 

Our interactive 3D model is an entertaining way for your client to get to know your restaurant and start imagining their experience there.

We love to showcase all the restaurants in Florida, but when you have the opportunity to do it for someone famous, it was a great shot for a small business like itourvista3D.

WE are fans of Gloria Estefan’s Music!

If you grew up in Florida, then you must love Gloria Estefan! Today, the charts are filled with Latin Artists, but with an estimated 100 million records sold around the world, none have ever been bigger than Gloria Estefan.

She is not only a big icon but she is a well-respected figure for the world and us, Floridians!

If your childhood was in the eighties and nineties! …. you gotta remember!

“Come on, shake your body, baby do the Conga, no can’t control yourself any longer…”

Gloria Estefan brought her Cuban musical heritage to the masses as the first major crossover artist, and together with Emilio, they’ve made Miami the popular music capital of Latin America.

Besides music and other businesses, Gloria and Emilio Estefan own a restaurant at Sunset walk in Margaritaville, Orlando.  Originally, we wanted to do this 3D virtual tour to enter a contest with Matterport called “Nominate my Space” and it is finally featured!  Indeed, since posting it on social media, users continue to share the tour over a hundred times.

See our work on Matterport here.

What is the best Feature of the 3D Virtual Tour of Estefan Kitchen?

We find the best-highlighted feature is the kitchen.  The place has a lot of potential throughout the floor plan but having a kitchen so clean we had to display it.

Another thing we liked is how the multicolor lights show on the floor plan as well.  This gives the place a nice ambiance even in daylight.  Estefan Kitchen takes Covid 19 and social distance very seriously.  So it was very important to show the layout of the tables with the social distance implemented in Florida.

At the time we captured this wonderful space, we were in the middle of reopening restaurants in Florida.  No doubt that the important thing to show viewers were all the precautions the restaurant has done in compliance with the law.

The results of the Restaurant 3D tour were amazing.

When the GM saw the final product in his hand, said to us;

“Oh wow, I am holding the entire restaurant in my hand, and look! There are even videos!”

He loved that we added YouTube videos of Gloria Estefan in the tour and access to all their social media links. “This is a great tool for my marketing department” and indeed it has been.

We are so happy to be a part of this project and we hope you enjoy it too, if you want to see more about Estefan Kitchen check out their virtual profile on Immers3d Magazine!

3D Virtual Tour Estefan Kitchen; Details of the project:

This project took about 4 hours to scan and 6 hours of editing. It contains 320 scans all through the entire property, which is about 11,000sq.ft. Not including the patio in the 3D walkthrough. We added about 18 Mattertags with links to menus, videos, store purchases, reservation pages, and social media. The tour was also uploaded to Google Street View. According to the analytics of Google Maps, the tour is visited 40,000 times in only 2 months.

3D tour tip: Our interactive 3D model is an entertaining way for your client to get to know your restaurant and start imagining their experience there.

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